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JP wants your freight -- especially if it runs in our imbalanced lanes. Get big savings on selected routes with our special "Spot Pricing" deals.

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We'll guarantee a delivery time for your shipment so you can be assured that your goods will arrive when they're needed.
About JP Express

Our Mission

JP Express began by offering personalized service to our customers, and we've never departed from that core value. Every JP employee is trained to put our customers first, and to remember that at JP a customer is more than just a "number." In accordance with this philosophy our mission statement was born.

  • JP Express will strive to consistently provide "perfect transactions," while maintaining a "personal touch."
  • We will work to develop a culture that strikes the right balance between "change" and "continuity," recognizing that change requires us to be nimble enough to offer new services and technologies to better serve our customers, while "continuity" reminds us that personalized service is what our company is built upon, and that each customer is valuable and should always receive the highest level of personal attention whenever necessary.
  • We will always ensure efficient communication so that every customer can easily get their questions answered; obtain information about their shipments in a timely manner; and is never in doubt as to the direction the company is taking to find new ways to serve them better.
  • We will never forget that the key to our long-term success is providing exceptional service continually, and that service is the one aspect of our business that can never be outsold.

How Do We Define the "Personal Touch?" 

The "Personal Touch" is our promise to you, our customer, that JP Express will always provide you with a "perfect transaction" every time, while maintaining the flexibility to service you in a customized, unique manner according to your individual needs, and to do this consistently in one of the most difficult environments in the country for handling freight.

What Is the "Perfect Transaction?" 

  • The "Perfect Transaction" is picking up and delivering your freight on time!
  • The "Perfect Transaction" is getting your freight to its destination in the same condition it was in at its point of origin!
  • The "Perfect Transaction" is dealing with professional, courteous employees from JP Express -- from our customer service representative taking your order to our drivers fulfilling your order.
  • The "Perfect Transaction" is "getting it done," no matter how difficult your request, each and every time.
  • The "Perfect Transaction" is what we strive for at JP Express on a daily basis. It's the benchmark that we've set for ourselves, and that continues to differentiate us from all other carriers in our marketplace.

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