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Why JP?

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Spot Pricing

JP wants your freight -- especially if it runs in our imbalanced lanes. Get big savings on selected routes with our special "Spot Pricing" deals.

Time-Definite Delivery

We'll guarantee a delivery time for your shipment so you can be assured that your goods will arrive when they're needed.
Why JP?

Vision. Velocity. Value.

Vision - JP Express is focused on becoming the best LTL carrier ever assembled in the Northeast: First in service; First in quality; First in being the trucking company with a personal touch.

Velocity - Speed is what we want to bring to your supply chain management. Whether placing an order, obtaining information, or receiving on-time pickup and delivery, our "total solution" approach and attention to detail will speed your orders through the entire process, from manufacturer's dock to customer's door, every time.

Value - Specialized services and personal dedication are only part of the value-added experience you'll get every time you do business with JP Express. Communication with customers is the key. By encouraging an on-going dialogue with our customers, we are constantly finding better ways to do business. By exchanging information and learning what's most important to our customers, your needs become the basis developing new services and capabilities, so that we can continually become a better partner to help you in your business.

Premium Service

Our Northeast Service is rated at the "premium" level -- a direct reflection of how the customer-focused business policies we've developed translate into value for you. These policies include:

  • Commitment to Detail - no aspect of any order is beyond our attention.
  • Flexibility - our procedures never get in the way of accommodating any individual customer's unique needs.
  • Pursuit of Perfection - every order is another opportunity to provide our customer with a "Perfect Transaction," and we'll never lose sight of this purpose.

Specialized Equipment

We provide all of our drivers with the necessary equipment to get the job done. Specialized equipment includes Air Ride and liftgate trailers with pallet jacks, hand trucks and load securing devices on every P&D unit. This is what enables our drivers to achieve the maximum level of performance and professionalism with each delivery.

On-Time Performance

Our on-time delivery rate consistently exceeds industry standards, and we are committed to maintaining that high degree of success by providing our customers with "no-excuse" service.

21st Century Technology

We understand that utilizing technology is essential to success in today's marketplace. Our cutting edge hardware and software enable us to customize our services according to our customers' individual needs. And we continue to implement new technologies that help our customers do business better.

Value Added Services

JP Express has always made it a goal to separate ourselves from the competition. One example is our investment in EDI technology, which enables us to be our own provider for EDI Transmissions. The ability to customize any 204, 210, 214 or 820 transaction without using an outside provider makes us more cost effective for you.

Our interactive Website (www.myjpexpress.com) allows our customers to check rates, get transit reports, perform real-time tracking of shipments and deliveries, and receive shipment images and bills of lading proofs. We have even installed a Web Service to enable one of our largest customers direct access into their information on our computer system.

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