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Spot Pricing

JP wants your freight -- especially if it runs in our imbalanced lanes. Get big savings on selected routes with our special "Spot Pricing" deals.

Time-Definite Delivery

We'll guarantee a delivery time for your shipment so you can be assured that your goods will arrive when they're needed.

Premium Services That Meet Customers' Unique Needs

You Can't Outsell Service

Service is what JP Express is all about. We're the trucking company with the personal touch, which means we're flexible enough to do things for our customers that other trucking companies just aren't able to do. We're constantly looking for new ways to help our customers in their businesses by solving their transportation problems in creative ways. Below are some of our most requested services. But if there's something unique that you need, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Delivery to the NYC-Metro Area: Our #1 Specialty

What separates JP Express from all the others is our ability to move freight, next day, in a cost- effective and consistently on-time manner, in one of the most heavily congested and expensive areas of the country in which to operate.

We Know New York
As a trucking company born and bred in the New York City area, we know New York. That's why moving freight in the tri-state area, especially New York City, is something we do better than anyone else in the market. While other carriers may do business here, JP is headquartered just outside NYC, and has mastered operating in this area since 1988. Our unparalleled native knowledge of the five boroughs of New York City gives us a huge leg up on our competitors -- and provides tremendous value for our customers as well. In fact, we count several carriers who prefer not to attempt operating east of the Hudson River among our best customers. They're smart enough to know that when it comes to dealing with New York, JP Express is "the best."

What Makes New York So Tough Anyway?
Start with the expense. There's the cost of living, payroll, and service center locations. Add to that the unpredictability of traffic, tolls and tickets. Finally, there's the physical maze of New York's geography and street layout. These conditions often discourage the largest companies, but it's "just another day at the office" for the people at JP. Not only can we get your shipment there, we can guarantee next day delivery, provide dedicated or inside service, and much more. In fact, we can execute all of our specialty services right here in the New York area, and that can solve a host of business problems for you.

Take advantage of our greatest strength by letting JP Express solve your New York City delivery dilemmas. Call us today!


Time-Definite Delivery

JP's TD2 (tee-dee squared) is our guaranteed service. We'll guarantee your delivery time so you can be assured that your goods will arrive when they're needed. Contact us to learn more.

(Guaranteed delivery is not available to all points. Please call 800-331-8065 for details regarding your shipment).


Dedicated Delivery Service

Do you need to ship goods to the NYC area and have them either installed or delivered with additional services being performed? If this is your need, but you'd prefer to avoid operating in the NYC environment, JP can help. Our Dedicated Delivery Service is a highly customized solution that enables you to outsource the work while maintaining the highest professional standards for your customers.

JP Express will pick up or receive your goods, warehouse them, and then deliver to your customers when they're needed. In addition, you can train our employees to do any specialized service that's required once the shipment is delivered. We'll even dress our employees in the uniforms you provide.


Spot Pricing

JP wants your freight -- especially if it runs in our imbalanced lanes. If we're seeing too much freight moving in one direction, that means big savings for you on our back hauls. In fact, if you have freight moving in any of the following lanes, call us immediately! We can save you lots of money with our special "Spot Pricing" deals.

  • New York City and vicinity to eastern Pennsylvania or New England
  • New Haven area to eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • Newburgh, NY area to eastern Pennsylvania, New England or New Jersey
  • New Jersey to eastern Pennsylvania

Rates change daily, so please call to get the latest pricing.


Inside Delivery

Need to deliver past the curb or dock? That's no problem for JP. We can provide trucks with hydraulic liftgates, as well as pallet jacks and hand trucks.

Just let us know your specific needs. Whatever it takes, JP will get it done!


Liftgate Service

Don't have a loading dock? No problem. JP Express offers liftgate service to speed delivery in these situations. Not all carriers are willing to give the extra effort needed to maintain liftgates. But we know our customers need this service, so we provide it.

Just request liftgate service when placing your order and we'll take care of it.


LTL to Florida

JP offers a specialty long-haul service: New York to Florida. There's a natural connection between businesses in these two locales. Take advantage of our special rates to ship to your Florida customers. Call us for current pricing.


Electronic Services

JP is continually implementing new technology to help you do business faster and more efficiently. Below are a few of the electronic services we offer.

  • EDI - We offer a full range of EDI services for our customers who prefer electronic ordering and invoicing. It's just another way for us to accommodate your way of doing business.
  • PC Rating System - We provide our rates on CD so you can have them on your office PC.
  • Online Tracking - Track your shipments on our website any time, 24/7.
  • Online, Customer-specific Rates - JP customers with customized rates can get quotes on our website that reflect their individualized pricing.
  • Online Document Retrieval - All shipping documentss (BOL, delivery receipt, etc.) are imaged and available for review and download on our website.
  • Dedicated Web Service - for easy access to your information on our computers.


Other Services

  • Hazmat Service
  • Protect from Freezing
  • Same Day Pick-up and Delivery Service
  • Expedited Service
  • After Hours Pickup or Delivery
  • Weekend Pickup or Delivery


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