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In Memoriam

We Remember Joe Pelosi

Joe Pelosi
Founder of JP Express
JP Express was founded in 1988 by Joseph Pelosi. In December of 2007, Joe passed away due to complications from diabetes. Known for his optimism, boundless energy and engaging spirit, Joe will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him -- especially the family of employees, staff and customers he assembled at JP Express.

As founder, it was Joe who first embodied the value of serving customers individually in order to solve their unique transportation problems. As the company grew, that value became instilled in every JP employee because Joe set the example, always being the first to go the extra mile whenever a customer needed him.

Joe's "can do" attitude has also been embedded into the company culture. Joe would never tell a customer what couldn't be done. Instead, he always found a way to accommodate any customer's request -- a major reason why JP is known today as "the trucking company with a personal touch."

Finally, Joe realized early-on that if his company were to grow and operate the way he envisioned, he would have to attract seasoned and highly capable talent from the industry. Joe did this by building a dynamic executive staff and putting into place cutting-edge processes that set JP on a course to become the Northeast's premier LTL carrier.

In the wake of Joe's passing, the company today is run by Joe's brother, Robert, his father, Gene, and a dedicated staff of executives, managers and employees. The values, personnel and processes that Joe put into place are continuing to fulfill the vision of providing creative solutions and exemplary service for every JP customer, which began in 1988. Carrying out this vision, we believe, is the best way to remember and honor the memory of Joseph Pelosi, and this is our commitment to our customers as we go forward.

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